Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Digital Waivers

Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Digital Waivers

Switching to a new way of doing business can be scary. It’s change, and we know change can be filled with uncertainty and plenty of unknowns. But change can also be good. If you’ve ever stopped a bad habit or ventured out and explored a new country or city, you know there can be great power in switching things up. Our company AWaiver takes your paper liability waivers from your insurance company and turns them into electronic waivers. It’s new and different for the tourism industry, and it’s incredibly efficient. Here are six reasons why we recommend switching to digital waivers.

1) Cost
AWaiver only costs 15 cents per waiver. The industry standard is 25 cents per paper waiver, which is a cost reduction of 10 cents per waiver. When you also take into account the cost of paper, ink, handling, and storage, your paper waivers add up quickly. AWaiver also stores your liability waiver for seven years, while the cost of a paper waiver only accounts for five years of storage. What a great deal!

2) Easy Retrieval of Waiver / Ease of Use
Remember what it was like searching through the phone book for the number of a handyman? Now with services like Yelp and our trusty Google Seach, finding the number for a reliable handyman is quick and efficient. Now imagine you need to find a liability waiver from three years ago. Do you want a phone book experience searching for John Doe’s paper waiver? Or the quick retrieval of the internet? AWaiver’s digital database makes searching for a waiver exponentially easier than digging through dozens of storage boxes.

3) Don’t Get Destroyed By Mistakes
A sneaky gust of wind can send your paper waivers flying and destroy your legal protection in the blink of an eye. A cup of morning coffee accidentally spilling on a stack of waivers can, too. Or an exuberant guest’s wetsuit or towel could splash water all over your neatly stacked pile of paper waivers. When you switch to online waivers, you never have to worry about your liability waivers being destroyed by those random acts of human error again. When you switch to AWaiver, your liability waivers are signed digitally and stored in our reliable cloud-based software, protected from the wind, water, and so much more.

4) Create a Cutting Edge First Impression
AWaiver makes a great first impression. When your client walks in the door to your shop and sees your tablets for digital waivers, you are creating a strong first impression by showing them you’ve upgraded your sign-in process. It communicates to your clients that you take pride in making sure every facet of your business is up to date to provide a quality experience, from the equipment you rent to the employees you hire.

5) Environmentally Friendly
From bills to how we read the news, the world is going digital not only because it’s easier but also because it’s better for the environment. Moving to digital waivers with AWaiver reduces paper waste. It’s better for your storage bill and the planet.

6) Save Time
We all know how it is with clients. You ask them to show up 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to fill up paperwork, and they show up right on time. Save time with digital waivers by having your clients sign the paperwork BEFORE they arrive. No one wants to get a late start and we all know that can cause a ripple effect throughout your entire day.

Switching to digital waivers is the way of the future. Upgrade your business by switching from paper to digital waivers with AWaiver. Change can be liberating, and switching to AWaiver will liberate you from the hassle of managing paper waivers!

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